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Marriage Proposal In Hong Kong. Sunset. Instagram Pier.

Few days ago, I blogged about my first and most memorable shoot. Today, I would like to blog about my favourite shoot of all time (another throwback!). I am honoured to be given the important task to photograph Doug's Surprise Proposal here in Hong Kong. Photographing surprise proposal is my absolute favourite thing to do. Nerve-wracking yet very fulfilling! When Doug came to me, he already had a location in mind, Shek Tong Tsui Cargo Pier a.k.a. Instagram Pier, where he and Witty enjoy taking a stroll there. The marriage proposal would be taken place just slightly before sunset . I always have a thing photographing sunset which I think it is the most beautiful time of the day - What a perfect time to propose! After running through the details with Doug, I did several test shots at the Pier before the proposal day to ensure everything is in good order. On the day of the marriage proposal, I had the big bunch of flowers, champagne and flutes hidden in one of the wooden crates near the proposal spot. Everything went swimmingly, the weather and the light were perfect. And yes, she said Yes! Seeing my clients so happy is one of the reasons why I keep doing what I am doing. Being a paparazzi ninja was challenging yet worthy! The Engagement Session after was sweet. Congratulations Doug and Witty! And Thank You Doug for putting your trust on me! Special shout out to Wesley and Wil for your help and support, I will never forget it.