" I love photographing people - the emotions, body movements, energies, glances and soft touches. I believe it is the people that make a photo and capturing them is where my heart is."

Photo Credit: Darren LeBeuf

Photo Credit: Darren LeBeuf

  • An energetic, fun, organised and reliable hard worker

  • Growing up in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom

  • Spent significant amount of time living in North Wales and Montreal

  • Being exposed to people of different cultures since young has opened my mind tremendously

  • My passion for photography began at a very young age where I actively participated in taking photos for my schools and social events

  • Left my law career in 2013, packed my bag, travelled, began my photography journey and have never looked back

  • I am fortunate enough to develop my style under the guidance of my mentor, Darren LeBeuf, my favourite wedding photographer of all time

  • Client list includes Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, South China Morning Post, Kerry Hotel, Vivian Luk Atelier, New Balance Korea, Stanley KC and Farfetch