[ E & A. Wedding ]

. Tea Ceremony . Getting Ready . Wedding Registration . City Hall .

. The Upper House . Wedding Reception .

[ S & M . Wedding ]

S & M from London . Wedding Reception in Repulse Bay . Hong Kong

[ N & J. Wedding ]

. Wedding Part I .

Wedding Day. Sisters & Bridesmaids. Getting Ready.

One of my favourite parts of photographing wedding is the getting ready part. So much things happening during that short duration of time - It is like rush hour and I love capturing those tiny moments and interactions that nobody would notice if I did not photograph them .

. Wedding Part II .

Wedding Ceremony. Victorian Pavilion.


. Wedding Part III .

Wedding Reception.

[ N & Th . Wedding ]

. Highlights . 

South African & French. White Wedding By the Sea. 

Nothing could be more perfect on this intimate white wedding by the sea! Absolutely love everything about this wedding, from the couple, the guests to this quaint hidden gem in Hong Kong. Congratulations Nicky & Thierry! And a big Thank you to Darren as always!

[ A & D . Wedding ]

. Highlights . 

April & David. Wedding Ceremony. St John's Cathedral. Hong Kong

. Highlights .

Day 2. Wedding Lunch Reception. Four Seasons Hong Kong.

[ C & J . Wedding ]

. Highlights .

Bethanie & Hong Kong Country Club.

I have only started blogging not too long ago and today, I would like to blog about my FIRST ever wedding shoot, it is still the most memorable wedding shoot up-to-date. It gave me such a deep impact - Everything just feels right. It is the first time in my life that I actually felt love is literally in the air - Very loving couple and everyone is genuinely happy for them. Absolutely tasteful wedding, it was one unforgettable amazing experience for me. Thank you Caroline and Jonathan for having me. And most importantly, my mentor, I would not be where I am today without his guidance and mentoring. So kind and selfless. I am forever grateful. I must'd saved many lives in my previous life to deserve a mentor like this. Really. Thank you Darren - Le Beuf Studios.

[ N & S . Surprise Proposal ]


Surprise Proposal. In the Fog. Hong Kong Skyline.


Sam from London contacted me 4 months before his marriage proposal took place. The couple would be flying to Hong Kong for holiday and Sam wanted to propose to Nat during their time in Hong Kong. Sam already had a brilliant proposal idea in mind but getting the execution part done was not easy due to the venue’s restrictions and policies. Constant changes were made to the plan just to get the approval during those 4 months. Just when we thought we came up with a win-win plan, weather was not on our side. It was too foggy that the helicopter service was likely to be cancelled. We had to come up with another plan one day before the proposal. That's probably our Plan no.110. Finally, the surprise proposal went on swimmingly on the day! Most importantly, Nat and Sam are very happy!!!

Changes are not always bad. You may lose something good but you may gain something better! The more I experience changes, the less fear I have when it comes to handling situations in life. The main takeaway for me from this, when all doors shut on you, check the window. Having your plans changed or rejected numerous times might be daunting but don't stress about the closed doors behind you and don't give up, eat the changes as if it's your breakfast. It only makes you stronger!

Thank you very much Sam for the trust and patience! Big Congratulations to this beautiful couple for the beginning of your new life chapter together!


[ Z & P . Wedding ]

. Highlights .

Wedding Day. Getting Ready with Poodle & Best Friends. Hong Kong

I would like to start my first blog post with Z and P's getting ready shots. I would say one of my top favourite things to shoot for wedding is the getting ready part. The rings, the make up, the hair, the dress, the shoes...it is all the little things that come together to make a wedding happen the way that the couple wants it! I love capturing all the "behind-the-scene" shots because most of the time, bride and groom get ready separately so when they look at the photos later on, they would know exactly what have happened to one another before they meet that day and those are priceless memories.